Episode 53 - Hashtag Called: Exploring Calling and Vocation


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You can’t fully explain it. But we’ve all experienced the phenomenon: Inner tugs that just won’t let us go. What are callings? How do we define vocation? Inspired by one of our first and most-popular episodes, "Hashtag Blessed," comes "Hashtag Called." Gina Ciliberto hosts a conversation on what it means to be “called” with co-hosts Alissa Molina, Kayla Craig, and Lindsy Wallace.

In this episode, we:

  • Unpack what “calling” means (and doesn’t mean) to our hosts
  • Ask about when vocations/callings are not so much about happily communing with God and understanding personal mission but, rather, a source of anxiety
  • Wonder if (and how) it’s possible to have more than one true calling
  • Explore callings as they relate to prestige or success
  • See how callings come through others

Join us as we dive into that inner-pull, that haunting thing that is “a calling.”

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