Episode 55 - Beating Guns: From Swords to Plowshares with Shane Claiborne and Mike Martin


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Violence permeates our society. But Shane Claiborne and Mike Martin believe we can begin preparing for the future the prophets foretold now, where swords will be converted to plows. Join us as we discuss their new book, Beating Guns, which Walter Brueggemann called, “The quintessential pro-life book if there ever was one!” When Jesus said to love your enemies, isn’t it safe to assume he meant that we shouldn’t kill them?
In this episode, we:

  • Unpack personal experiences with guns and how these impact life today
  • Dive into facts of American gun laws and ownership
  • Hear of vigils and workshops where the gun is traded for the cross
  • Explore how we trade the second amendment for the sermon on the mount
  • Seek to employ courage and imagination in love and peacemaking over war and violence
  • Identify ways we can deconstruct the culture of violence that is in the DNA of the United States

Join us as we explore hope for people who are wary of violence. May we be people who love our enemies by working towards freedom to live unarmed and fearless, refusing to fight violence on its own terms.
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