Episode 56 - Performative Wokeness (and Introducing Season 4!)


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What's performative wokeness? How does our faith influence the destructive performativity of Internet activism? In this episode, join host Kayla, with co-hosts Lindsy, Alissa, and Gina, in this first discussion of Season 4 - "Get Your People."

In this episode, we:

  • Laugh as we catch up with co-hosts after our summer hiatus
  • Explore the definition of wokeness through our own experiences
  • See the costs of awakening as the costs of the gospel, and the grace of the gospel as the grace of awakening
  • Recognize why platform-building by promoting good deeds may not make the impact we desire
  • Ask how we stay rooted in what we believe to be God’s Truth and how can that inform the ambiguous questions
  • Discuss how we invest in who we love by how we spend our time through hands-on action, donate our money, and prayer focus
  • Sit in the tension of the pull of social media activism against real-life conversations

Join us as we learn together to unpack wokeness and how it plays out on social media and IRL. May we be people who are willing to be awakened to the systematic oppression of image-bearers and allow it to cost us our sleep.

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