Let's Get Ecumenical! Catholic & Protestant Thought in God's Kingdom (New Audio!)


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What can Catholics and Protestants learn from each other's traditions? Can we work together in God’s upside-down kingdom? And when can—or should—we set aside the subtle (or not-so-subtle) differences in thought, doctrine, and practice of our own Christian belief systems to work toward a common good?
Alissa Molina hosts an intimate and honest ecumenical conversation with co-hosts Kayla Craig, Gina Ciliberto, and Lindsy Wallace. We’re thinking outside the box when it comes to our unofficial theme of this season: Get Your People and applying it to a discussion on ecumenism, hoping to model empathetic and loving discourse about our faith traditions.
In this episode, we:

  • Discuss the meaning within ecumenical friendships
  • Model asking and answering difficult questions (like about communion/Eucharist) with grace
  • Break down misconceptions about Protestantism and Catholicism (What are Evangelicals? What is non-denominational? What's a mainline denomination? Why do Catholics use the phrase "convert"?)
  • Explore the importance of having a posture of curiosity instead of defensiveness
  • Talk about how we can apply a more nuanced and intentionally upside-down approach to our faiths

Join us as we explore how to develop deeper understandings between our Protestant and Catholic sisters and brothers.
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