Chad Bartlett: From Struggling Wholesaler to Living The Autopilot Life


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Chad Bartlett started his real estate career while working long hours as an auto mechanic living in Anchorage, Alaska. Chad was struggling to find a way to quit the 9-5 life so he could spend more time with his growing family. Realizing he had replaced his mechanic's job for a real estate job, Chad decided he needed to put systems in place in order to automate his business so that he could truly have a freedom business. After hitting rock bottom, he finally started finding ways to replace himself within his real estate investing company. Chad currently runs a successful real estate and education company remotely while living and traveling internationally with his wife and four children. His passion is to show others how they can be truly free to do what they love with the people they love. To find more out about Chad and his journey visit his website at and download his book, The Book of Mistakes, for FREE! Remember, if you love the format of these episodes we don't know unless you leave us a 5 star review and click that subscribe button!
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