Prady Tewarie: $100 Million in Real Estate Holdings


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Prady Tewarie has never been somebody to slow down. At 28, he has founded and sold more than two dozen businesses, is the current CEO of AZOTH and the Tewarie Group, with over $100 million in real estate holdings. He founded AZOTH because, while getting his JD and competing as a professional bodybuilder, he found it difficult to achieve the kind of productivity that he was looking for, and so turned to the science of nootropics, nutritional supplements that target specific areas of concern for the user. After learning firsthand about their efficacy, Prady partnered with a manufacturer in order to bring nootropics to people all over the world.To date, AZOTH has sold over 50,000+units worldwide and is set to be the fastest growing nootropic company on the market. Currently, Prady is on a mission to teach entrepreneurs about the opportunities that exist all around them, and that it’s ok to be a small businessperson. Specifically, that not every business needs to collect a billion in capital before they can get started, or that they need to change the world. Instead, entrepreneurs can start small and begin by turning their own neighborhoods around and, most importantly, that they can still be considered an inspiration and a success for doing so. If you enjoyed this interview please remember to leave us a 5 star review!
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