Need Sales? Use The Power Of Video To Convert More Traffic Into Sales


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Joel Ong is the Founder and Video Strategist at Tape Your Time, a Video production and consulting agency based in Singapore which helps brands grow and build deeper relationships online by leveraging video assets to present their story authentically and scale their time, money and connections.

  1. How Video Can Help Ecommerce Sales
  2. How to build a Storybrand and understanding the power of storytelling
  3. How Video Builds Trust, Authenticity and Growth for Businesses
  4. How a brand story video establishes you as an expert and thought-leader in your space with an interview and visual storytelling that resonates and earns a customer’s trust and respect/You both educate and empower them by sharing what sets your business apart.
  5. Can you give some examples of eCommerce store that work and doesn’t work
  6. Product based videos - how long what to put in them
  7. I told you about a store who spent $15,000 on videos for his niche or one-off products. Let;s talk about BAD video ideas.
  8. 3 examples - llama, earphones, helmets as knitted hats - testimonial video in abandon cart and cart page, information videos, handle objections, short videos for out bound. Quick exercise - the customer journey funnel - where are people
  9. How videos can be Time-Saving for a small business - How having a 2-3 minute video acts as a 24/7 fleet of salesmen, to effectively establish deeper relationships, quicker while also pre-qualifying prospects. People can know, like and trust you within a few minutes, and know if what you have to offer is for them, so when it’s time for a sales call/check-out page… they've either realized they're not qualified (saving you time from a redundant call)... or they're already pre-suaded, so the length of the sales cycle from first point of contact to deal closed is exponentially decreased.
  10. Why Gear is not as important as you think for Video - authentic natural videos -, gear doesn’t matter as much as the message.
  11. Let’s talk about Positioning… Can you explain this to my audience - How to make the most of your video asset, pinned at top social media accounts, sent through messenger, inlaid in your email signatures, introducing you at events, and of course, top of your website. Imagine in 2 minutes, someone getting to know you, your story, and the value you have to give, deeper than even a 10 minute conversation in person would permit them by showing, not telling


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