Jerry Seinfeld (Rerun)


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Haven't bothered to check out the Good One back catalogue yet? Well, don't worry. We're digging out the classics to bring to you while you wait for our next season.

In this proto-episode of Good One, hear the interview with Jerry Seinfeld that inspired this whole show.

Recorded live at Vulturefest in 2015, Jesse was given the opportunity to interview Jerry in front of a live audience. The conversation is based around a clip from Jerry's series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (now on Netflix), but quickly branches out to include Jerry's history with his Seinfeld costars, his past and present material, and even the his feelings on filming a new special--something that wouldn't happen until two years later in 2017.

Also included: Jerry really, really doesn't want to use a mic for Q&A.

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This episode originally aired on May 14, 2017.

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