192 – Magic Weapons


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Magic is cool, and weapons are cool, so you know what would be the coolest? Magic weapons, which is what we’re talking about this week. Despite being nearly ubiquitous across all genres of speculative fiction, magic weapons can be tricky to work with. What are they for? What should they do? Should it even be obvious that they’re magic? We’ll talk about all of that, plus examine what happens in stories when a character loses their magic weapon. Hint, they usually get it back.

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Show Notes:

How to Bring a Sword to a Gun Fight





Tenser’s Transformation

Master Sword

Valyrian Steel

Demon Killing Knife

Magic Axe

The Vorpal Blade

The Elder Wand

The Point of View Gun


Maui’s Hook

Space Sword

Trunks’ Sword

Dune Shields

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