198 – Symbols, How Do They Work?


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Hmm, this character is holding an apple; is it a symbol for original sin or health and learning? What about this marlin being eaten by sharks? Does it symbolize corporate bosses extracting value from the working man, or does it represent unfair taxation demolishing a paycheck?

If you’ve ever had trouble deciphering symbols like these, then this podcast is for you. We talk about how symbols are interpreted and how that interpretation can change the story. Then we discuss some well known symbols, including that damned marlin caught by an old man at sea. And, of course, we talk about Shakespeare, because how could we not?

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Show Notes:

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Old Man and the Sea

The Great Gatsby

The Garden Party

Crime and Punishment

Post-Colonial Reading of the Tempest

Colors Across Cultures

The Great Tulip Bubble

The Scarlet Letter

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