The importance of real world situational testing in a simulation heavy environment, Raydon Gates and George McGuire, QinetiQ


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Joining the Defence Connect podcast at Pacific 2017, QinetiQ's non-executive director, Raydon Gates, spoke of ambitious growth targets and how they were planning to capitalise on increased government spending in the defence sector. Two years on, Gates reflects on that growth and deep dives into the importance of test and evaluation in the defence industry. Joining host Phil Tarrant at Pacific 2019, Gates and his colleague George McGuire, general manager of operations and delivery at QinetiQ, share why test and evaluation is integral for the welfare of people, systems and ongoing design. They discuss the important differences between simulated tests and real-world situational testing, explaining why the latter is so integral, and explain how the work being completed with test and evaluation today will shape the defence sector of tomorrow.

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