227. Tony Perrella - Marketing Intern Spotlight


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Tony is a University of St. Thomas alumni who currently works for Optum and recently just bought his first house with the intentions to flip and make profit through the Air Bnb model described on the Bigger Pockets podcast. Tony teaches us a thing or two about making money as someone who has no idea how to save money as a 20-something as well as how he can potentially make money in the podcasting industry. Enjoy!

Every listener is a marketing intern. The Marketing Intern Spotlight (MIS) is a conversation with a marketing intern. This podcast is for the marketing interns by the marketing interns! If you want to be apart of the MIS movement, reach out to us at thebackpocketpodcast@gmail.com or by raven!

*Disclaimer: originally Marketing Intern Spotlight #56 - Tony Perrella*

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