Episode 431 - Point Of Privilege - Ron Bennington & Jim Florentine


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Comedians Ron Bennington and Jim Florentine join Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez, & Dave Smith for this week’s Episode of Legion Of Skanks Podcast LIVE from The Stand NYC! The guys review a song by Post Malone, discuss the latest Comedy Central Roast, and play a particularly difficult round of “Who’s More Justified…!” The Skanks react to a video from NowThis News imploring people to stop using the word “guys,” video from a political convention where attendees are encouraged to wave their arms instead of clapping, and the story of a trans-abled woman who felt her only path to completion was to blind herself with drain cleaner. All This And More, ONLY on The Most Offensive Podcast On Earth, The LEGION OF SKANKS!!!

Air Date: 09/09/19

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