Tanya Moore on Company Brand, Career Skills and Inspiring People to Greatness


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In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, I'm joined by my guest Tanya E. Moore, Chief People Officer at M.C. Dean Inc.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Intro

01:50 - Tanya's career journey on both sides of the fence

11:07- How the pandemic has fast-fowarded the modernisation of HR and the workplace

15:24- Redesigning dialogue at work in the post-pandemic landscape

20:20- The opportunity Tanya saw at M.C. Dean

24:16- About M.C. Dean

26:43- How M.C. Dean grew their brand through quality work

29:15- Starting her new role during the pandemic

32:48- Tanya's career highlight

37:16- How Tanya's work at IBM informs her work now

39:33- Quick fire round

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