Brian Billick on NFL offensive trends in the NFL


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We have quite the education on this week’s Schooled with the Professor.

Brian Billick from the NFL Network joins us and as he does so well, he breaks down the current state of offenses in the NFL. Billick, as a former NFL coach, has one of the best offensive minds in the game. He’s been on some of the best offenses in NFL history. Having just been to the Baltimore Ravens camp, Billick talks about the potential running offense of the Ravens with Lamar Jackson at quarterback. He asked John Harbaugh ifJackson would top Cam Newton’s record number of carries for a quarterback and Harbaugh didn’t shoot down the idea Jackson might get 200carries this season.

Billick discusses the current state of running offenses in the NFL. He breaks down some of the ways passing offenses continue to open up and what defenses might try to do to stop it. Get out your notepads and take down the knowledge from Brian Billick talking about the current game on Schooled.

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