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Hello Kammunity,
This episode with Slum Glutton is one of the realest conversations that I have had on my podcast. He talk hip-hop & sobriety and how they play a role in our lives. Slum was very open about his struggles including the fact that he recently relapsed in recent months. I am very grateful that Slum was willing to be so open with me as addiction is something many people want to tiptoe around or just judge from afar, but Slum wasn’t afraid to be honest and tell it like it is…
And that’s something that I respect a lot about hip hop artists; how blunt & honest they are.
This episode is probably one of the grimiest & realist episodes of Kameo that I have released so far and I hope to have many more conversations like this one with Slum.
Because I relate.
Be sure to check out our 2 fav online watering holes if you want to learn more about the Canadian hiphop scene by check out the forums below:

I also just lined up another podcast to be recorded tomorrow morning with a rapper who is passing through #raploops. So be sure to check that episode out when it drops! And if you are in Kamloops on September 27th, check out the Snak the Ripper show @CJs where past guest Kairos will be preforming. It is sure to be a good time!
Here are some links if you are into that sort of thing…Anyways… too-dah-loo,
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