AB 241 Live! Creating New Habits in Business and Health with Kevin Lombardo and Claudia Harvey


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Old habits may be hard to break, new habits might be even harder to start. Both of today’s guests talk about why breaking those habits are good for everyone.

Kevin Lombardo is the President & CEO of DORN Companies, a company focused on preventing injuries to keep people out of healthcare and worker’s comp. Kevin and Jeffrey start with a trip down memory lane (Kevin once hired Jeffrey!) and then get down to business to talk about health. Kevin thinks company wellness programs will be important in the post-COVID-19 world and explains why businesses need to think about the conditions affecting all workers -- even what “pre-existing condition” millennials bring with them to work.

Claudia Harvey gave up a successful career on Bay Street (Canada’s Wall Street) to become an entrepreneur. She is a Founding Partner and President of BG Wealth Group and inventor of Dig It Apparel, a line of gardening gloves exclusively for women. Claudia was about to launch a new product when COVID-19 hit. She talked about the hard work it takes to bring a consumer product to market that nobody sees, and her story of resilience, and why windows create “mirror test” moments for many.

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