140. Alkistis Dimech & Peter Grey in “The Brazen Vessel” // Rewilding Witchcraft, The Witches’ Dance, Secrecy & The Sacred Conspiracy


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Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey are the powerhouse tag team behind Scarlet Imprint, one of the premier purveyors of what I call dank esoterica. You know these two, you love these two, and by the end of the chat you may want to marry these two. Or maybe you’ll just want to buy their new book, The Brazen Vessel, a collection of selected texts, essays and presentations that documents the creative, magical partnership of Alkistis and Peter from 2008 to 2018.


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  • Alkistis’ translation of ‘The Book of Spirits’, which unlocks the hierarchy of the Ars Goetia
  • Mystical language
  • The alchemical quintessence
  • The Luciferian revolt
  • Is myth an endangered species?
  • An erotic eschatology of union and of love, and Babalon as a obviously a representation of this
  • “The certainty of death is felt by lovers”



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