076 - The Abduction of Danny Goldman


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Seventeen year old Danny Goldman was a senior at Miami Beach High School approaching both graduation and his eighteenth birthday. A smart young man from a well to do family who split his days between repairing electronics and spending time with his girlfriend. The future offered so many possibilities.
Sadly, Danny wouldn't see that future. On March 28th, the day before his eighteenth birthday, an unknown gunman entered the family home and demanded $10,000. When they didn't have that cash in the house, the man took Danny with him and said he'd call later to arrange a ransom. The man never called and Danny was never seen again.
The initial investigation didn't discover much and soon the case began growing cold and fading from the spotlight. It wouldn't be until 46 years later than a team of volunteer investigators would break open incredible information suggesting that Danny's abduction may had connections to the mafia under Santo Trafficante, a corrupt Sheriff's department and even Danny's own girlfriend's father.
Was this a case of a random crime or one which involved mafia associates, corrupt law enforcement officers and even the head of the mafia in South Florida?
For more information on this case, visit: https://surfsidekidnapping.org/site/
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