079 - The Disappearance of Laureen Rahn


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Fourteen year old Laureen Rahn had the apartment all to herself. Her mother, Judith, was out with her boyfriend and with spring break kicking off, Laureen decided to invite a few friends over.
When Judith arrived home, sometime after midnight, something was wrong. All of the lights in the apartment building hallways were off and she found her front door unlocked. Checking over the apartment, the back door was both unlocked and open. She looked into Laureen's room and saw a figure sleeping in her bed. Unfortunately, this turned out to be Laureen's friend and she had no idea where Laureen could have gone.
Over the course of the next forty years speculation has run rampant while evidence has been in short supply. What became of Laureen Rahn, was she abducted by a stranger and trafficked or perhaps lured out by someone she knew and trusted?
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