083 - The Death of Nancy Argentino


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Twenty-three year old Nancy Argentino had left her life in Brooklyn behind to hit the road with her new boyfriend, wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. It was a whirlwind romance that would ultimately end in violence.
After a violent incident involving police in January of 1983, Nancy's family begged her to stay home and avoid Snuka. Unfortunately, Nancy did not heed their advice and went back with Snuka. Just four months later in May of 1983, Nancy was rushed to a hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania where she later died as the result of head trauma.
Snuka alleged that Nancy had fallen and hit her head, though this was contradicted by the official autopsy report and the fact that Snuka gave more than six different stories of what happened that night. Snuka walked and was not charged, though why no one could ever explain.
Over the course of the next thirty years, rumors and speculation ran rampant about what may have happened. Finally, after thirty two years, Snuka was charged with murder but would never stand trial. To this day it is hotly debated, how did Nancy Argentino die and what role did Jimmy Snuka play in her death?
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