087 - The Mysterious Death of Bobby Fuller


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Bobby Fuller was finally living his dream as the front man of a band that was rising up the charts. While everything seemed to be going perfectly, there were some issues behind the scenes.
Bobby was reportedly unhappy with his record contract and felt that changes were being made to his music that he didn't approve of. He began speaking up about his intentions to walk out on his contract and return home to El Paso.
A meeting was set for the morning of Monday, July 18th, but Bobby would never arrive. At approximately 5pm, Bobby's body was found in his car, soaked in gasoline. Witnesses said Bobby appeared to have bruises on his body, dried blood on his shirt and scrapes on his arms but the coroner would rule his death due to accidental asphyxiation.
Bobby's cause of death was later changed to accidental asphyxiation, but for those close to the singer, they believe something more sinister happened. Did Bobby Fuller end his own life in the midst of his rise to stardom, was it a terrible accident or did someone kill the twenty-three year old and stage the scene?
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