#156: Story - The Key to Finishing Music


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I've just released my new EP, "A Journey Inward," and the secret to finishing it was in the story. I find that by having the story of your music clearly defined, making music because much easier and more enjoyable.

In this episode we talk about how I used story to complete my latest EP. The episode ends with a listening to the EP itself.

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Show Notes:

Music Production Club - While my very limited supplies last, you can get Klevgrand's Kleverb when you join the Club!

Kleverb - Klevgrand's excellent algorithmic reverb plug-in.

A Journey Inward - My new EP available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, etc.

Social Story Songs - Music my friend, Chris P Cauley, and I wrote to teach acceptable social behavior.

Chris P Cauley - One of my musical brothers.

Leave Stones Unturned - An insightful blog by Seth Godin.

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