PlanningxChange 53 with Ned Scholfield & Raquel Boedo (McIntyre Australia)


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McIntyre was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Ned Scholfield & Raquel Boedo.

The pair first started to think about creating their own label after spending a year working together on Ned's family sheep farm 'Glenoe' in Western Victoria.

The design philosophy behind the label is to create timeless, sustainable, & quality Merino goods.

Based in Melbourne Australia the pair are passionate about manufacturing in Australia, and about educating customers on the benefits of wearing Merino wool.

The efforts of Ned and Raquel show that 'traditional' industries can be resurrected and that economic development need not just be about the sexy 21st century industries that every nation seems to promote. A compelling story of farming, passion and fashion. The pair discuss what they have learnt in their business development and as an aside provide insightful comments on good practice urban development. There are unusual links between fashion and city development; this podcast interview provides clues on how dynamic forces can create better products, environments and places.

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