Preparing for Cesarean: A Necessary Conversation with Mary Esther Malloy


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Currently in the US, approximately one-third of all babies are born by cesarean. However, it's interesting to note that when I asked my prenatal yoga class of 21 pregnant people how many have considered the possibility of cesarean birth, only 3 people raised their hands.

For many, the idea of a surgical birth is something they would prefer to avoid, but not learning about the process and preparing for the possibility can be a poor choice. Something unknown can create fear whereas education and communication can lead to supportive choices creating a more positive birth experience.

In this episode of Yoga| Birth | Babies, experienced childbirth educator, doula, parent support leader, and owner of Mindful Birth NY, Mary Esther Malloy, openly talks about preparing for a cesarean birth. Mary Esther explains how a cesarean birth unfolds and offers tools to use for a mindful cesarean. We also talk about how to integrate protocols more associated with a vaginal birth, like skin to skin, delayed cord clamping and “seeding” the baby. This is an important, necessary conversation for all expectant parents.


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