Henry Glover, "The Cover-Up" | MURDERISH Ep. 059


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Hurricane Katrina, which slammed into the Louisiana coast on August 29, 2005, was the most damaging hurricane in US history. The devastating disaster killed approximately 1,200 people, with most of the destruction occurring in and around the city of New Orleans. Looting in the city was rampant during this time, as most stores were abandoned. People were taking food, water, and other supplies ...many out of necessity. Allegations arose of police officers also looting stores during the disaster. The alleged looting by some police officers, however, would take a backseat to more serious crimes involving citizens being shot by police officers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This episode covers the death of a man at the hands of those sworn to protect him. Join me as I walk you through the case involving Henry Glover.
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