How to Start Hard Conversations #BlackLivesMatter


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Learn today the importance and necessity of having difficult conversations about the Black Lives Matter Movement and why they need to happen. In today’s episode, Rob discusses why failing to speak up on the movement is being complicit, how to start these difficult conversations and why it is not enough to just be ‘not racist’ when you need to be proactively not racist.


  • Financial empowerment is activism. If you are financially empowered you are able to take a step back from your own business or projects and say that this topic is more important to you, and if people in your world do not understand that, then they're probably in the wrong world.

  • Failing to speak up on the matter is being complicit, it is the same as turning a blind eye. It is important to encourage everybody to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, if you are scared to talk about the movement or you just don’t know where to start, then the best place to start is just by admitting that to your following and educating yourself further.

  • Ask yourself, does your world and your work reflect the society in which we live in? We all have to take some responsibility to do an audit on ourselves and ask ‘are we making our work accessible to everybody.” It is not enough to say ‘anyone can join!’ Does it look like anyone can join? Or does it look like what you do is only for a certain person?

  • When people talk about white people having ‘white privilege’ they are not saying that you as an individual have led a privileged life, they are saying that out of all the problems you have faced and overcome, your skin colour was never one of them and never will be.

  • A really important place to start when educating yourself on the hardships people face in regards to racism and prejudice is by having difficult and honest conversations with those that have experienced it. It is about moving from being not racist to being proactively anti-racist.

  • There are thousands of people out there right now, not knowing what to say or not fully understanding the Black Lives Matter Movement, if they all continue to stay silent then we are unable to move forward. If we can encourage little by little to start these conversations that’s how long term change happens.


“I’ve seen so many different sides to this conversation and I truly believe that silence is being complicit.”

“Until black lives matter, all lives matter is actually just redundant.”

“We are all guilty of all kinds of things, and that is part of being human, that’s part of learning and that’s part of growing.”

“Change doesn’t happen with the people that are already having these conversations having more conversations.”



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