RANT! 'Why' "Lead by Example" is Bad Advice


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Have you always thought that ‘good leaders’ are the first ones in the office and the last ones to leave? The hardest working in the team ‘leading by example?’ Well, tune in today to Rob’s Rants as he discusses why in today's era, ‘lead by example’ is really bad advice! Rob dives into how the leadership role has changed in recent years and most importantly how you too, can become a successful leader without the longest workdays


  • When labour (hard manual work) was the main source of work than leading by example, was really good advice. However, the world has now changed, we are now in the knowledge era where leading by example is really bad advice.

  • Rethinking the modern leader. A modern leader will know their role in their team. You need specialists in each position. Each member of your team will have their own role, meaning as a leader it is not necessary to work the hardest, show up the earliest or stay the latest because you have your one role.
  • The paradox of leadership. The people who have the least amount of money, the least amount of free time and the least staff, they do everything. An old leader would do all the work themselves because it was a work based ethic whereas a new leader would find the best specialists, strategists, managers, etc and would put in the organisation the best people for the job.
  • A leader is a generalist. They are good at strategy, vision knows how to put a team together, etc but they are nowhere near as good as the specialists they put in their place.
  • An old-style manager will want to have control over everything and to oversee it, which could only work in a small, low-profit business, if you want to have a large global and successful business then you have to let go to grow.
  • A leader isn't finding other generalists, they are finding specialists. Rethink your definition of leadership. The best leaders in the world develop other leaders. Modern leaders need peripheral vision.

“Great leaders find smart people, give them slightly too much to do, and then get out their way”
“Work smart not hard”
“Modern leaders need peripheral vision”


Rob Moore is the host of the UK’s no. 1 business podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur,” and “The Money Podcast” as well as an entrepreneur, property investor, property educator, and holder of 3 world records for public speaking. He is also the author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, and the global bestseller, Life Leverage.

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