Robs Rant: If You Criticise Others Don't Whine When You Get Haters


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There are a lot of people out there that criticise other people, brands and businesses to elevate or grow their own brand or business. Rob explains in this episode the importance of not lashing out and not using criticism to grow your brand and business. Instead he discusses how you can use criticism in a positive way and why it’s important to know how to criticise.


  • If you spend time and energy criticising others then you can expect to receive that back. The marketing you put out will reflect back on you. E.g. If you lash out at others, others will lash out at you’.
  • If you focus on your own brand, mission and message then you’re going to attract people who have that similar mindset as you.
  • It’s not an attractive quality to bitch and criticise other people even if it’s therapeutic. So think about who you want to be and how you want to be known.
  • If you do want or need to criticise then do it in a fair, balanced, accurate, non-emotional and constructive way.
  • Try have 30 days not criticising others.
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‘criticism is vital for growth’.

‘The world is a mirror’.

‘Be constructive rather than critical’.



Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor and property educator. Author of global bestseller “Life Leverage” Host of UK’s No.1 business podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur”

“If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”



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