The Government knows you're staying home, is politics dividing the entertainment industry, & should olympic athletes be allowed to protest?


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We learned that people are doing a good job staying at home. This is due to technology that supposedly doesn't track you... so how do they know we're staying home?

Guest: Allen Mendelsohn, Canadian Internet and Tech. Lawyer


According to an article in the C2C Journal, entertainment appears to be seeing a rift. The possibility might have something to do with politics and who we follow based on their political views.

Guest: Aaron Nava, Author at C2C Journal


The IOC (International Olympic Committee) asked 3,500 olympic athletes if they should allow protests or demonstrations on the podium or on the field. They have voted no. Is this a good thing?

Guest: Steve Foxcroft, Sports Broadcaster, NFL Chain Gang Member, NBA Court-side Administrator & Vice-President, Fluke Transport

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