What's still unknown about the proposed LRT? Dr. Henry Heimlich's first & only time needing to using his namesake maneuver & Sports Talk with Don Robertson


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Metrolinx's president and CEO will be joining Hamilton City Council to help answer questions the Councillors will have about the proposed LRT system. What can we expect to see and what remains unknown about the LRT?

Guest: Larry Di Ianni, Host & Community Producer, Cable 14 & Former Hamilton Mayor


Scott revisits an interview he did with Dr. Henry Heimlich on National Heimlich Maneuver Day. This interview happened shortly after the 96-year-old performed his namesake maneuver for the first time in a real scenario. What's it like having a life-saving maneuver named after you and how does it work?

Guest: Dr. Henry Heimlich, Inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver


Was the reopening of golf courses a bad omen for the Toronto Maple Leafs? It sure seems that way after they lost Game 7 in the first round of the playoffs against the Montreal Canadiens. Scott and Don perform a post mortem on the Leafs-Habs match up and also discuss the new name for Edmonton's CFL football team, the Edmonton Elks. It's all coming up in Sports Talk with Don Robertson.

Guest: Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty

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