Why will the feds spend $17.7 billion on consultants? Leafs vs. Canadiens, what kind of game will it be? How far is Canada from fully autonomous cars on the road?


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It's rather well known that governments aren't always the best when it comes to spending money and, unfortunately, that trend is continuing. The federal government will be spending $17.7 billion next year just on consultants. Couple that with the fact that the federal government has approximately 380,000 civil servants and it starts making you wonder why there's so many people who can't do the job on their own.

Guest: Stephen LeDrew, Political Commentator; Host, The LeDrew Three Minute Interview; Former President, Liberal Party of Canada


As the Toronto Maple Leafs head into Game 7 of their playoff round against the Montreal Canadiens, fans on both sides are holding their breath to see if their team will go on to play the Winnipeg Jets. It's been 17 years since this match was last made and everyone is wondering, how is this game going to go?

Guest: Kevin Shea, Hockey Historian and Author of ‘Voices in Blue and White: Pride and Passion for the Maple Leafs


The prospect of completely autonomous cars is something that's long been held in the realm of science fiction but scientists are working on making it reality; in fact, they've been working on it for years! What's holding them back and are streets full of cars that drive themselves something that's still far off in the future?

Guest: Dr. Krzysztof Czarnecki, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

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