How to get a meeting with anyone with Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke (his process is mind-blowing!)| #482


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Ever wondered how to get a meeting with anyone? Afterall, one meeting has the ability to change everything for the better. In your business. Even your life. Your challenge is to get past the Dobermans and get that meeting. And you’re about to learn how from Stu Heinecke, the father of contact marketing and author of the seminal book on this topic Get the Meeting!

A little bit more about Get the Meeting! Author Stu Heinecke …

Stu Heinecke is a cartoonist for the Wall Street Journal - and a bloody good one at that!

But he’s also a very clever marketing guy.

In fact, Russ Klein, the CEO of The American Marke ting Association, has labelled Stu the father of contact marketing.

And that’s what we’re talking about today.

You see, Stu is the author of two books (the most recent titled Get The Meeting!) which are laser-focused on ensuring you get past the gate-keepers and get that meeting! You know, that meeting that has the potential to change everything in your business and/or personal life?

So I’d suggest you get a pen and paper out for this one as Stu shares:

  • How to get a 100% response rate using personalised campaigns
  • His step-by-step approach to creating contact marketing campaigns (he’s created ones that have ROI in the millions of percent!)
  • Plus plenty more …

“It’s now time to make a 100 percent response rate your baseline!” - Stu Heinecke, Get the Meeting!

Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Get the Meeting! author Stu Heinecke:

  1. Get creative with personalisation.
  2. Raise your expectations around your response rate.
    (Another mindset shift -> Be grateful for EAs).
  3. Create content and invite influencers on as guests.

“Persistence needs to be a priority. It needs to show up in your calendar.” - Stu Heinecke, Get the Meeting!

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