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I love how people make a living. Past guest Shane Yeend makes money selling the usage-rights to the Hollywood sign. Adam Lippin sells cuddles. Laura Klien has a million dollar business selling battery-powered snot suckers! And today’s guest makes a quid from showing people how to throw axes … indoors!

It’s time to sharpen your axe and get stuck in to episode 487 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express.

A little bit more about Lumber Punks Tyson McMillan …

Tyson McMillan used to be a stand-up comedian, until one day in 2015 he was throwing axes in his backyard with his mate Sam. It was at that point that he looked Sam lovingly in the eyes and said “Hey Sammy … we should do this for a living!”

They did and Lumber Punks - an indoor axe-throwing business - was born.

Now Lumber Punks has three venues across Australia and the boys are having the time of their life.

So what can you learn from a bloke who loves throwing axes? Great question.

We talk about:

  • How to get a crazy idea to market
  • How to establish meaningful partnerships with local businesses
  • How one lucky PR opportunity launched the entire business
  • The 3-pillars of the Lumber Punks business that lead to its success
  • The importance of social currency
  • Plus plenty more

Now, with Tyson being an ex stand-up comedian, I felt compelled to kick things off with a joke ...

“You need to have a healthy taste for risk when it comes to throwing axes!”
Tyson McMillan, Lumber Punks

Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Lumber Punks Tyson McMillan:

  1. I love the fact that Tyson is focussing on what they’re good at - as he so eloquently put it “We’re good at throwing axes … not coffee!”
  2. I love Tyson’s view on how music can positively impact a business - how it can help tailor an experience to the individual.
  3. I love Tyson’s focus on building social currency amongst his tribe of loyal axe-throwers - to the point that he even makes sure there’s Lumber Punks branding behind the photos people take and share on their social media channels.

“When it comes to investing in and growing any part of your business, put in as much as you’re willing to lose.”
- Tyson McMillan, Lumber Punks

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