Nick Capper, The Second


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Capper's in the front, Tulky's in the back. It's another double-header on the way back from Gippsland.

Nick Capper's Melbourne International Comedy Festival show...

Quantum Bad Boy - get tickets here.

So many big questions in this epside...

Did Capper ever have cows on his bedroom wall growing up?

Wasn't Brad Oakes supposed to be along for this one?

What to buy from KFC Traralgon?

...And where did Tulky go???

Nick Capper's song choice... you might have noticed he says Heigh Ho by Blake Mills. That's the name of the album. So we added the first song from the album - If I'm Unworthy.

AD: Always have a greeting card handy - Super Simple Cards.

AD: Thinking of starting an onlins shop? Check out Shopify.


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