John Letts on his son Jack's loss of UK citizenship for joining ISIS. Now Jack Letts has only Cdn citizenship and wants to come here; IPSOS Darrell Bricker on voter reaction to parliamentary Ethics report re Trudeau; John Nunziata. Fmr Lib then independen


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Media reports UK/Canadian dual citizen Jack Letts (aka "Jihadi Jack") has been stripped of his UK citizenship over his membership in ISIS. That now leaves Letts as a Canadian citizen. Letts, who identifies as British, has been attempting to persuade the Trudeau government to allow him to be moved from a prison operated by Kurdish forces and John Letts, Jack Letts Canadian father told us on air Global Affairs Canada had been in touch with the Letts family and spoken to the possibility of patriating Jack Letts, but then suddenly cut off communication.

Possible voter fallout of parliamentary Ethics Commissioner report on Justin Trudeau over interfering with Jody Wilson-Raybould doing her duty in SNC-Lavalin case.

Reality is, their national public profiles notwithstanding, Jody Wilson-Raybould an Jane Philpott are running for federal election as independent candidates. They no longer have the Big Red Machine providing support. In fact, the Big Red Machine will be doing everything it can to unseat and defeat JWR and JP. What are the obstacles the Liberal Party will place in the way of JWR and JP? And even if they are elected, how influential can they be as a caucus of two? We speak to a former Liberal MP who lived exactly that reality.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has its 2019 federal small business platform in place.

Facts: 99.9% of businesses in Canada are small. - 86% are businesses with 5 employees or less. - Small and medium-sized businesses were responsible for 85% of new jobs created between 2013 and 2017. - 1 out of 2 small business owners had to stop paying themselves or family members to pay other employees.

As we close in on the 2019 federal election what is the health of Canada's small business sector? How do int'l developments like market uncertainty (800 point drop in the Dow last Wednesday alone) U.S./China trade war, a hard Brexit, deteriorating Hong Kong/China relationship affect Canada's number 1 employers?

Former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Brian Peckford's latest blog is titled "Canada has Crossed the Rubicon - We Are A Corrupt Nation." Deals with Ethics Commissioner's report this week.

BP also makes the point that Pierre and Justin Trudeau behaved similarly in "ignoring the fulsome nature of our constitution."



John Letts. Canadian father of "Jihadi Jack" Letts joins us live-to-air from UK.

Darrell Bricker. President/CEO IPSOS Public Affairs.

John Nunziata. For years a prominent LPC MP and member of the so-called Brat Pack, Nunziata called out Prime Minister Jean Chretien for not fulfilling the cornerstone LPC promise to "scrap the GST" and voted against his party in the first budget bill. Nunziata was turfed from the Liberal caucus and sat as an independent. He also ran as an independent in his Toronto-area riding and overcame everything the Liberals placed in his way and was reelected. What does John Nunziata expect JWR & JP will face from the Trudeau Liberals? What will they have to do to win as independent candidates? And if they do, how effective can they be as a caucus of two?

Dan Kelly. President/CEO: CFIB.

Brian Peckford. Frm Newfoundland and Labrador premier.

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