Matthew Fisher on fall of Berlin Wall; David Agren on mass murder in Mexico; Michael Taube on Andrew Scheer/CPC future; Catherine Swift takes on OK Boomer; Did royals quash a sensitive news story?


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Today marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was a momentous global occasion symbolically shoving aside the final power of the Iron Curtain of the USSR to imprison entire nations of people. Mathew Fisher writes about the fall of "Die Mauer" this week for Global News. He was not at The Wall on the night it fell. Mathew was in the Soviet Union after months of travel across East Germany, the other Warsaw Pact states and Soviet Republics. “Muscovites were stunned,” writes Mathew Fisher.

Guest: Mathew Fisher, resident Visiting Scholar in security and defence at Massey College in the University of Toronto and a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, as well as a regular contributor to Global News on global affairs.


A murderous attack on two SUV's in Mexico carrying women and children, allegedly by criminal drug cartel killers. His article in the Guardian yesterday: How an isolated group of Mormons got caught up in Mexico's cartel wars.

Guest: David Agren, Canadian in Mexico City, reporting on the story for the Guardian and USA Today


A reporter asks Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer if he considers being gay a sin and Scheer's lengthy reply is disseminated repeatedly. Is the same standard applied to more liberal politicians? Would Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh be expected to answer personal questions about their religious beliefs? And does the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada need to tack left?

Guest: Michael Taube, Columnist for Troy Media, Contributor to the Washington Times and former speechwriter for Stephen Harper


The meme is "OK Boomer." The New York Times published an article titled, 'OK Boomer' Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations. OK Boomer is all over social media as younger generations point fingers of blame for their and the world's perceived ills on the Boomer generation. Not keeping in mind perhaps that without a couple of Boomers named Jobs and Gates there might not be social media to voice generational opinions. But is this any different from what other generations have done?

Guest: Catherine Swift, Former President/CEO CFIB. Now Catherine tweeted her thoughts about OK Boomer yesterday and Twitter responded.


Did the Royal family quash a major news story about Prince Andrew having had sex with an underage girl at convicted sexual trafficker of minors Jeffrey Epstein's resort? ABC news anchor Amy Robach was picked up by a live mic expressing frustration at having the network refuse to air her story because ABC feared airing it over Buckingham Palace's objections would cost the network interviews with influential people. Robach is heard saying "I am so p***** right now. Every day I get more and more p***** right now, because it's unbelievable what we had. I had it all, three years ago."

Now both ABC and Robach say the story didn't past journalistic muster.

Guest: Professor Jane Kirtley, Silha Professor of Media Ethics and Law at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota, affiliated faculty member at the University of Minnesota Law School.

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