A Big Trump WIN? | Guests: Christopher Rufo & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | 7/9/20


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Are we about to see a massive Trump win? The similarities between Trump and Harry Truman in 1948 are too numerous to ignore. Does Kanye West have any chance at the White House? Brad and Ashley Davis, co-owners of the Friend & Foe Board Game Café, join after posting a powerful message about running a small business during the pandemic. Filmmaker Christopher Rufo breaks down how Marxism is overtaking Seattle, and Dr. Karlyn Borysenko lays out the city’s new training for white employees on undoing “whiteness.” Glenn reviews how the Michael Flynn case reveals a Deep State coup against Trump with global efforts. The Supreme Court has been busy with rulings on contraceptives, Trump’s tax records, and whether half of Oklahoma isn’t Oklahoma.

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