Canceling Dr. Seuss Now? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Nicole Arbour | 1/15/21


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A group wants to rid classrooms of classic literature, including Dr. Seuss, and another group wants Harvard to revoke the degrees of three big-name Trump supporters. Project Veritas exposes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his plan to expand censorship. LeeAnn Miller, owner of pro-America apparel outlet PatrioticMe, joins after Facebook banned her from advertising. Bill O’Reilly talks President Trump’s second impeachment, Big Tech cancel culture, and his predictions for next week. Comedian Nicole Arbour talks Cosmopolitan’s new magazine covers promoting obesity as “healthy," the Capitol riot, and whether she gave Glenn COVID-19. Staff at Politico are mad after Ben Shapiro was brought on as a guest writer.

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