Stop It, NBA! China Is NOT Our Friend | Guest: Bill Gertz | 10/08/19


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Glenn and Stu confirm that “Joker” is MUCH better than the “white male resentment” story CNN says it is. Ilhan Omar is divorcing her husband, but apparently, WE’RE to blame. And is Trump greenlighting Turkey to kill the Kurds or just implementing a long-awaited exit strategy? Even more troubling is how far American companies are bending to China’s pocketbooks. The backlash against the NBA was so strong that it issued a SECOND statement to defend itself against us! Hope for America looks more like Ellen DeGeneres, Kanye West, and Brandt Jean than it does out-of-control social justice. Bill Gertz, author of “Deceiving the Sky,” calls in to describe how China’s strategy of lies and deception is a MASSIVE threat to our freedom.

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