The Algorithms Are THROTTLING the Ukraine Special! | Guests: Dr. Robert Epstein & Rep. Chris Stewart | 10/07/19


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Glenn’s special, “Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia,” is already the BEST-performing video on BlazeTV, but YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter’s algorithms DON’T want it to go viral. Brad Parscale and Charlie Kirk’s reposts are also being shadowbanned. Dr. Robert Epstein weighs in on how Big Tech craftily suppresses information. And a second whistleblower has come out against Trump, but even if he has firsthand information, Rep. Chris Stewart argues that so does the public. Glenn saw “Joker” over the weekend and believes it’s the defining film of our day and NOT what it was made out to be. And when Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted his support for Hong Kong, the NBA showed how much power China has over it.

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