The Media Finally Discovered Anti-Semitism in Celebrity Culture | Guests: Herschel Walker & Austin Knudsen | 12/2/22


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Glenn and Stu dig into the mental illness of Kanye West after he went on "The Alex Jones Show" and expressed some shocking anti-Semitic viewpoints. Are Kanye's shocking statements evidence of a broader problem within the celebrity culture? Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker explains why his runoff race and maintaining an even split in the Senate are still crucial for the GOP. Bill O'Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing Kanye's mental decline and CNN's recent layoffs. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen explains how he's getting to the bottom of UPS and FedEx possibly colluding with the government to track apparent gun purchases. Glenn and Stu discuss the rise of anti-Semitism after the U.N. voted in favor of calling Israel's founding a "catastrophe." California is now estimating reparations for slave descendants would cost over $550 billion.

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