The MSM’s Ukraine Narrative Starts to Unravel | Guests: Brian Riedl & Jason Buttrill | 10/18/19


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Breaking news in the Ukraine saga, as George Kent testifies that issues were brought up regarding Hunter Biden’s corruption. Jason Buttrill joins Stu to discuss his take, as well as a look at what’s really happening in Turkey and Syria with the U.S.-negotiated ceasefire. A look into all of Hunter Biden’s personal shortcomings pre-Burisma. Brian Riedl from the Manhattan Institute dives into crazy Democratic proposals and how much they would cost in the real world. Beto O’Rourke’s political career is imploding faster than a Bennigan's or a Toys “R” Us franchise. As she's surging in the polls, we need to remember why Elizabeth Warren is a ridiculous candidate.

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