The Shutdowns Are a 'Trial Run' | Guests: James Rollins & Sabo | 5/19/20


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Glenn remembers the late Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. Shutdown protesters at a New Jersey gym cheered after an officer told them to “have a good day.” The Degrowth Movement wants to keep the economy closed to fight climate change – and Spooky Dude is involved. Why is it such a big deal that Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine? Investigative reporter David Steinberg exposes Ilhan Omar’s latest sketchy campaign funding scheme. Author James Rollins talks his new fiction book, “The Last Odyssey.” Mayor Paul Creighton explains why he declared Atwater, California, a sanctuary city from the governor’s shutdown orders. Conservative California street artist Sabo reviews his latest tyranny-protesting pieces, found at

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