The Truth About The "American Taliban" | 5/24/19


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Hour 1:

British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her impending resignation …What is the allure of a parliamentary system that can result in an election at any time of the year? … The New York Times is going to bat for “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh …The pre-9/11 political climate led some people to look the other way on the Taliban, but it was no secret that they were an oppressive terror regime …Jason Buttrill, who was part of the leading thrust of the American invasion of Afghanistan, joins the program to shed some light on who Lindh really is …Why have conservatives and liberals completely switched positions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? …Perhaps the best thing for the pro-life movement would be President Trump giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.

Hour 2:

If you take a video clip of Nancy Pelosi and slow it down, it sounds like she’s drunk. But what if you play said clip at normal speed? …The Democrat field is essentially one big protected group, because if you disagree with them, you’re being racist …The rise and fall of Beto O’Rourke – How did his popularity wane so quickly? …There is no wiggle room on the Second Amendment, but that isn’t stopping Beto from proposing a ban on semi-automatic weapons sales …Bill de Blasio has entered the race for President – New Yorkers will tell you how much they hate his guts …Stu reveals that almost half of the Democrat field is currently getting zero percent of the vote.

Hour 3:

St. Thomas University of Minnesota is being kicked out of their Division III athletic conference for – wait for it – being too good …Competition isn’t about everyone getting a trophy, it’s about lifting everyone up through both winning and losing …Harvey Weinstein has settled a number of the cases in which he has been accused of sexual misconduct …Aladdin with Will Smith? Movie theaters with beds? Banks that are also cafes? … ‘Chernobyl’, the HBO mini-series, paints a grim and accurate picture of socialist society against the backdrop of the nuclear cataclysm in 1986 …Nuclear energy is not dangerous, nuclear energy being operated in a socialist state is.

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