We Are Living in Insane Times | Guest: Jim DeMint | 7/8/20


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There’s a growing division in the Catholic church. The media’s had its first look at Mary Trump’s book, but is there anything damaging in it? Jason Buttrill previews tonight’s show about the global coup against Trump. Jim DeMint, author of “Saving America from Socialism,” discusses where the Republican Party is in the fight for our country. Newton Falls, Ohio, is taking in statues, and City Manager David Lynch has the details. Moms April Pollock and Shelly Heller created Temp-N-Toss, a disposable forehead thermometer that has skyrocketed in popularity. Notable left-wingers have grown tired of cancel culture. A Seattle city councilwoman and Rep. Ilhan Omar both suggested that the socialist goal is to overthrow the American system.

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