Why Is FTX's Founder Not Already in Jail? | Guest: Brendan Carr | 12/1/22


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Glenn and Stu break down the statements made by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried in an interview with the New York Times in the wake of his company's collapse and the loss of billions of dollars. Why is he doing interviews instead of sitting in a jail cell? Pat Gray joins as the guys discuss the government's lack of a budget and fiscal responsibility. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins to discuss the absurd focus on the "dangers" of Twitter, when the real threat lies in China-owned TikTok. The guys explain the rules conservative radio has to abide by while discussing the day's news. Glenn and Stu ponder the technological repercussions after a quantum computer was able to simulate a wormhole. As Glenn is set to interview Chloe Cole, who transitioned and de-transitioned at an early age, Glenn and Stu discuss the topic of transgenderism in society.

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