Prom Night 1980 (w/ Janel Schermerhorn)


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Thank Jason… it’s PROM NIGHT and everything is alright - kinda - with this singular Canuxploitation slasher classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen and “the oldest teenagers since Grease.” And our date for the special episode? Why it's Janel Schermerhorn, the very woman Patrick took to his own senior prom! Oh, and the truth comes out!! Along the way we wait in vain for the eventual disco-pocalypse, discuss why a dead body would be retrieved by a rope truck, dig into the reason why every Canadian couple wants to have sex in a locker room, propose a Prom Night/9-to-5 crossover and bare witness to “man-on-van combat.” We also delve into a wild Prom Night fan theory to begin and end them all! Plus, a Promposal in the form of Choose Your Own Death-venture. Make memories with this special episode that will last a lifetime. Or at least feel like one. Never fear - new episodes of Kill By Kill are made available every other Friday! Have something to say? Reach out on Twitter @killbykillpod or email us: Artwork by Josh Hollis: Kill By Kill is a proud member of the Ear Trumpet Audio Network.

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