Friday the 13th Part 6 vol 2 (w/ Becky Wilson)


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Are you hungry… for more Kill By Kill? Patrick & Gena are back (along with the endlessly funny and talented, Becky Wilson) to talk about Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives and the incredible team building experience that is 80s paintball in the pine barrens! Along the way we consider Jason Voorhees and his ultimate desire to smash the patriarchy, we try to determine how many holes one can have in their jeans before they cease to qualify as pants, then postulate who would make the hunkiest Jason: David Hasselhoff or Robert Urich, and finally Patrick attempts to build his brand. It doesn’t go well. All that and a fiercely debated edition of Choose Your Own Death-venture and you’ve got a rip-roaring good time that’s bound to build your confidence and boost sales! Maybe. Never fear - new episodes of Kill By Kill are made available every other Friday! Have something to say? Reach out on Twitter @killbykillpod or email us: Follow on IG @killbykillpodcast Artwork by Josh Hollis: Kill By Kill is a proud member of the Ear Trumpet Audio Network.

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