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In Pt 2 of BLACKBEARD: THE MAN & THE MYTH we discuss, in order, Blackbeard's beard- did he lite fuses in it to terrify his adversaries? ~First Mate Israel Hands, his story as we know it~Va. Governor Spotswood's reason for ignoring British law and sending his navy units after Blackbeard in NC~Landowner William Bell's complaint that he wqas attacked by Blackbeard and a small crew on the Pamlico River at 3am one morning- the story~How many wives did Blackbeard have?~What happened to the crew after the Battle of Ocracoke?~Crewman James Robinson story~ Crewman Edward Salter's Grave story~Was the crew hanged in Williamsburg as the story now goes?~How many were not hanged and why~Salter's body finally returned to family~the story of Caesar the black slave~the tunnel to Gov. Eden's house~Blackbeard's missing Diary this would be the REAL treasure if found one day)~Treasure locations and theories~

Lastly my apologies for using the word "Hung" twice in this interview. No I cant go back in and change it. I know, pictures are hung. People were hanged.

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